710568 Oil & Wheel Bearing Seal Replaces automotive parts vehicle car truck van oil seal wheell bearing
710568 Oil & Wheel Bearing Seal Replacesz

710568 Oil & Wheel Bearing Seal Replacesz

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A seal in the wheel bearing is one of the keys to determine the life of the bearing. Wheel bearings perform two critical jobs in a vehicle's suspension; they allow wheels to rotate with minimal friction and also support the vehicle's weight. In order to properly perform these functions, the bearings must be in nearly perfect condition. This is achieved, in great part, by wheel seals. Wheel seals function to keep lubricant in and keep external contaminants out of the bearing. This keeps wheel end performance from diminishing and prevents premature failure of the wheel bearing. They also work to keep water from entering the bearing cavity. Wheel seals keep rust from forming on the bearing and corrosion from occurring, which keeping wheel end performance in good condition. Warranty: WJB is a trusted brand in the automotive aftermarket and WJB products are manufactured through ISO certified facilities with rigorous manufacturing processes. This product is warrantied for 12 months to cover any manufacturer defects. Defective units can be replaced by WJB for up to 12 Months after the date of purchase. 12 Months Warranty, Part Replacement Only. Labor and/or any shipping costs are not covered.

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