CA1851LT Stabilus Lift-O-Mat Gas Spring 1865LU 1300N - 295/19 - BA03 lift support strut - automotive - parts -hood -rear- front- lift- European

CA1851LT Stabilus Lift-O-Mat Gas Spring 1865LU 1300N - 295/19 - BA03

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Eye thickness: 10mm

Hole diameter: 10.1mm

The diameter of the black cylinder of this gas spring is 28 millimeter. The diameter of the rod totals 14 mm. The stroke of the gas spring is 350 millimeter. The total length of this replacement is exactly 802 mm. This is the total distance between the centers of the two mounting parts. The distance from thread to thread (without mounting parts) is 7


The LIFT-O-MAT gas spring is a hydropneumatic adjusting element consisting of a pressure tube, a piston rod with piston, and the corresponding end fitting. Nitrogen gas inside the spring keeps constant pressure against the piston surfaces of different sizes. This creates a force in the extension direction. Filling pressure is customized so that the force is perfect for your application’s needs.

These gas springs present advantages you don’t get with mechanical springs. Specifically, gas springs have a defined speed profile and outstanding damping capacities that enable even heavy panels and doors to be operated with ease. Simple installation, compact dimensions, a flat spring characteristic curve, and a huge range of possible strengths and end fittings round off the package of benefits that comes with a gas spring.

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