Gates A40 Hi-Power Multipurpose Power Transmission V-Belt automotive belt discounted sale cheap

Gates A40 Hi-Power Multipurpose Power Transmission V-Belt

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V-belts, also called fan belts in automotive applications, link two or more rotating shafts to transmit power in a drive system. The trapezoidal shape of the belt's cross section wedges into the groove of a similarly shaped sheave or pulley to provide traction and alignment. This wedging action increases as the load increases, providing higher torque transmission and minimal slippage. V-belts are standard for belt-driven power transmission and can be used in single- or multi-belt systems for increased carrying power. They are found in drive systems in the automotive, agricultural, textile, printing, mining, and office equipment industries, among others.

  • EPDM for resistance to weathering, oils, water, and some solvents
  • Cords bonded to the body for equal load distribution and reduced bending stress
  • Concave sidewalls for even distribution of wear
  • V80 matching program for precisely-matched sizes in varying belt types
  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistance standards and static conductivity requirements
Brand Gates
Material Polyester, Rubber
Belt Style V-Belt, Hi-Power® Belts
Compatible Devices Vacuum Cleaner
Item Weight 0.27 Pounds

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